Why choose  a buying agency?

Research has proven that buying agents are a smart investment. Or in other words: the benefits of hiring a buying agent exceed the costs. Besides sharp negotiations, there are also advantages to gain when arranging a valuation of the property or deciding on the mortgage.

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The benefits of (working with) a buying agent

At de-aankoper, the client and buying agent have the same interest: a sharp negotiation. de-aankoper works with appealing rates that consist of a pre-set starting price and a procentual brokerage commission.

In addition to the solid negotiations, de-aankoper can accompany you in the other steps of the acquisition process. Read more information on what these steps entail.

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Independent and transparent!

de-aankoper distinguishes itself from traditional buying agents by focusing on and specialising in one service: acquisition. Conflicts of interest are impossible with this transparent approach, because in the future, de-aankoper does not need to sell a house to the real estate agent of which he is now buying a property. This independence enables a professional negotiation in which de-aankoper is free to obtain the best possible result.

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